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Forte Featuring Carl Testa

Sunday, September 11th

Forte Featuring Carl Testa

CarlTestaPianist and vocalist Carl Testa is a versatile entertainer, a respected music teacher, and an accomplished composer and producer. He’s a graduate of Indiana University School of Music, and although based in Atlanta, he also performs internationally throughout the Caribbean, Europe and Scandinavia.

Carl has a riveting and energetic piano and vocal performance style. His musical style is heavily influenced by the Beatles, Elton John and Crosby Stills and Nash, and his musical diversity keeps an entire audience engaged throughout his performance. Whether it is rock and roll, jazz, blues, or popular music, Carl excels on piano and sings passionately with a strong, clear voice. One moment he is crooning toe-tapping Sinatra, then in another he’s into a raspy Joe Cocker song, or other hit songs by Coldplay, Santana, Elton John or Billy Joel.

Showtimes:  7:00pm and 9:00pm      Admission:  $23.

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