Montana Skies

Friday, July 8th

Montana Skies

MontanaSkies1Montana Skies creates a unique new sound, from finger-picking to flamenco, with the unusual pairing of cello and guitar.

The core of the group Montana Skies is husband and wife team Jonathan Adams on guitars (steel string and spanish/nylon) and Jennifer Adams on cellos (acoustic cello and her custom 6-String Electric cello).

Montana Skies has an extensive tour schedule which has taken them all across the US, Canada and to Asia. As the group moves ahead, they continue to explore the boundaries of contemporary instrumental music. Montana Skies’ debut recording Montana Skies reached #1 on world and instrumental music radio charts in April and May of 2004 and helped them win the title of “Best New Artist” in the 2004 Lifestyle Radio Awards. Highlights from the cd’s airplay include broadcasts nationally on the NPR radio program “Echoes” and the TV program “Soundcapes”. Montana Skies has enjoyed perfoming live on radio and TV programs throughout the country and internationally. The duo’ recently completed a cross country tour of the US in the spring of 2004 and made their international debut last summer in Seoul, Korea. Jonathan and Jennifer Adams are the originators of Montana Skies. The couple met almost a decade ago while studying music at the University of Georgia in Athens. At first the two planned on collaborating on classical music but after a trip to the University Library to investigate repertoire, they discovered that music written for cello/guitar was as rare as the combination itself. Jonathan and Jennifer were not discouraged; they began writing their own arrangements to classics and composing music for themselves. Not having set repertoire has given these music artists a great freedom in their musical expression. Jonathan explains, “Throughout the years, we have developed many of our own arrangements ranging from world music and classical to original compositions. The fact that ‘ready made’ repertoire is not available for our combination of instruments really what pushes us to be more creative with our music. We love composing and arranging, and appreciate the opportunity to present old favorites, along with newer music, to our audiences.”

Showtimes:  7:30pm and 9:30pm     Admission:  $24.

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